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Inside the annual report you will find out how your journey with MedSend in 2017 has blessed those in need around the world.

God continues to use MedSend healthcare professionals to provide one on one compassionate care in the name of Christ and to train national doctors. Healthcare remains a highly effective form as a Christian witness in many difficult areas. As you review the report, will you prayerfully consider how you can partner with us in supporting the work of medical missions this year?

How We Serve

MedSend, along with the generosity of donors, serves individuals called to global healthcare outreach by providing them with financial support for educational debt while they are serving on the mission field. MedSend believes that by enabling these professionals to serve spiritually and physically needy people while on the mission field fosters God’s healing work throughout the world.

MedSend’s grant recipients fall into 11 professional categories, all healthcare specialties that are well-equipped to address the most acute needs in some of the world’s most vulnerable places.

Where We Serve

More than 75 countries around the world are currently being touched by the work of MedSend healthcare providers supported by MedSend. These countries are found in 11 regions: Africa, Asia, North America, the Caribbean,  Central America, Eurasia, Europe, the Middle East, Pacific, and Multinational.

God’s Love in Action

MedSend grant recipients have many inspirational and incredible stories to share. You’ll read some of them in the 2017 Annual Report, but we have many more on our blog, “Going Deeper.”

In the 25 year history of MedSend, we have served more than 200 healthcare professionals and provided more than $17 million in funding. Our 25th anniversary video (below) tells more of the story of our ministry.

Why This Matters

The situation is dire on a global scale. According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), the world needs seven million more healthcare professionals to meet for a minimum standard of patient care worldwide. 57 countries are at a crisis point, with fewer than 2.3 nurses, doctors and other medical personnel for every 1,000 people – too few to deliver even the most basic level of care. And the gap between number of patients and number of healthcare professionals is poised only to grow.

What MedSend is Doing About It

  • Bringing Hope to the World

    Mobilizing Healthcare Workers to Serve Around the World (freeing them up and removing the greatest barrier)

  • Giving Hope to the People in the Field

    Providing Medical Training and Discipleship while Caring and Encouraging the Person

Healthcare remains the only form of access as a Christian witness in many countries.

Your gift helps activate the movement of God's people to the field. Will you join us in ensuring that eager Christ-following health professionals are able to serve the Lord through global healthcare missions?

Featured Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope: Miracle at Kijabe

written by Dan Galat, MedSend orthopedic surgeon serving in Kenya   On my first day of work at Kijabe Hospital, I met a 20-year-old patient named Samuel, who had been involved in a terrible motorcycle ...
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Stories of Hope: Peru

written by Dr. Erin Connally, MedSend Dentist serving in Peru Anesthetic Shortage A dentist without anesthetic is nobody’s idea of a good time. Who would want to have a root canal or tooth extracted without ...
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Stories of Hope: Togo

Abiba's Story Where, O death is your Victory? Where, O death is your sting? written by Dr. Kelly Faber, MedSend Pediatrician serving in Togo Abiba Abiba, a 15-year-old orphaned Muslim girl, along with her aunt ...
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Stories of Hope: South Africa

Written by Dr. Rebecca Quam, MedSend veterinarian, serving in South Africa   Koketso Koketso is starting her second year at university this month and is in the animal health course. She was very active in ...
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Hope Against All Odds

Post written by Rachel B., in a report from the field   “May* arrived on the female ward as the skinniest person I have ever seen,” remembers Rachel. The exception was May’s abdomen. It was stretched ...
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In the Midst of Pain, Hope Thrives

The young woman was left to not only navigate her bleak fate, but to do it alone. “She started talking about her life, and how much she was in pain, and lived a part of ...
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