2018 Healthcare Missions Leadership Summit
September 5-7, 2018
SIM USA Headquarters
Charlotte, NC

The invitation-only summit is intended to be a strategic meeting of healthcare missions’ leaders. It is intentionally designed to foster communication and collaboration among those with responsibility for running global healthcare ministries. In attendance will also be leaders of Christ-centered academia, counseling, preparation, and support organizations. This allows for a wide range of voices to participate in the ultimate objective which is to maximize the impact of global healthcare missions in an increasingly hurting and dangerous world.

Plenary Session Speakers

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Breakout Session Speakers

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Affinity Groups and Breakout Sessions

We will be having small group discussions (Affinity Groups) on many specific issues facing medical missions today. It will be a time for sharing resources and networking around these important issues. Breakout sessions will run concurrently with Affinity Groups. Follow this link to make your selections for which groups you would like to attend. All groups have limited occupancy so sign up now!

Breakout Group Descriptions

Breakout Group Descriptions Time Facilitators
Building Teams 11AM Dr. Perry Jansen
Conflict Management 11AM Bob Watson
Alongside Ministries

Affinity Group Descriptions

Affinity Group Sessions Time Facilitators
Security in Closed Access Countries
Discuss current challenges and recommendations for assuring security for missionaries serving in complex environments.
11AM Nate Killoren
Developing Spiritual Curriculum for Medical Missions
Sharing resources for spiritual curricula for Christian medical training and an introduction to the upcoming Outlook on the Global Medical Missions Movement course in development.
11AM Dr. Bruce Dahlman
AIM International/Infa-Med
Resources for Discipleship and Church Planting
Share resources and experiences for using health care ministry for church planting and discipleship. Overview of the expansion of Christian Health Evangelism (CHE)
11AM Victor Chen
Medical Ambassadors International
Developing a Common Data Set in Medical Missions
Using metrics and evaluation to advance the impact of healthcare missions.
11AM Dr. Beth Wheaton
Equip the Saints
Women in Medical Missions
Further exploration of the role of women in missions and mission leadership. 
11AM Mary Lederleitner
Mission Intelligence
Developing and Implementing Best Practices in Long-Term Healthcare Missions
Sharing experiences and resources for improving how we build long-term healthcare ministries.
Resources for Building Resiliency and Retention in Healthcare Missions
Sharing the opportunities and costs of partnering with US governmental agencies. 
11AM Stan Haegert

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Travel Information

The Summit will again be held at SIM’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Note that this year, the Summit will start on Wednesday, September 5th at 5:00 pm with discussion, then dinner, and run through noon on Friday, September 7th. More information and the registration form can be found at https://www.cmda.org/summit. The cost of registration is $80 per person. This will include two dinners and two lunches as well as some snacks at break time. We will appreciate a response by July 31, 2018.

Lodging arrangements for this meeting include:

Quality Inn at Carowinds
(We’ve only been given a block of 25 rooms this year.)
3560 Lakemont Blvd.
Fort Mills, SC 29708
(803) 548-0100

Group Rate Name: CMDA/MedSend
$69.00 rate for all rooms (same price as last year)

Cut-off date to book a room at the above rate is 8/24/2018
Guests who need to cancel must do so by 4 pm on day of arrival to avoid cancellation penalty
Comfort Inn at Carowinds
(have a 50 room block reserved in this hotel)
3725 Avenue of the Carolinas
Fort Mill, SC 29708
(803) 548-5200

Group Rate Name: CMDA/MedSend
$89.00 rate for all rooms (same price as last year)

Cut-off date to book a room at the above rate is 8/24/2018
Guests who need to cancel must do so by 4 pm 1 day prior to arrival to avoid cancellation penalty