2020 Healthcare Missions Leadership Summit Theme Announced

global healthcare leadership summit

MedSend will co-host its annual Healthcare Missions Leadership Summit with the CMDA on September 3-4, 2020. The theme will be “Adjusting to New Realities at Home and Abroad: Global Healthcare Missions in Transition.” This year’s conference is being held virtually.

The invitation-only Summit is intended to be a strategic meeting of leaders in the healthcare missions arena. It is designed to foster communication and collaboration among those with responsibility for running global healthcare ministries. In attendance will also be leaders of Christ-centered academia, counseling, preparation, and support organizations.

Mike Chupp, CEO of the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA), and Rick Allen, CEO of MedSend, will provide opening remarks at the Summit.  Reverend Dr. Stephen Ko, Senior Pastor of New York Chinese Alliance Church, will open the event with a devotion.

The Healthcare Missions Leadership Summit includes a mix of plenery and breakout sessions. In addition to Chupp and Allen, speakers include:

  • Mike Soderling, MD, MBA; Director, Chief Networking/Collaboration Officer, Health For All Nations
  • Peter Saunders, MD; Chief Executive, ICMDA
  • Doug Fountain, MPA; Executive Director, Christian Connections for International
  • Health Keir Thelander, MD, FACS, FWACS; Executive Vice President, PAAC
  • Todd Stephens, MD; Associate Director of Via Christi Family Medicine Residency
  • Paul Hudson, MD; Health Consultant, SIM US
  • Randy Fairman, Ph.D; CEO SIM US
  • Perry Jansen, MD, MPH, DTMH
This year’s sessions will have a special emphasis on operating in a post-COVID era.
  • Dr. Paul Hudson will speak on The New Realities of Post-COVID Era —Disparities, Inequalities, and Risks.
  • Dr. Randy Fairman will lead a session on Organizational Realities —Visa Retraction and Impact of COVID. 
  • Dr. Peter Saunders will discuss The New Realities of Post-COVID Era — Missional Opportunities.
Mike Chupp will provide closing remarks and prayer as the event wraps up on September 3.


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