A Joy You Can’t Even Imagine


When you financially support MedSend, you are not only sharing the gift of medical care with the vulnerable around the world, but you are also sharing the Gospel. Dr. Admire Munjeri is a MedSend National Scholar and general surgery resident in Malawi at Malamulo Hospital and below he shares the story of how the hope of Christ changed the life of one very sick patient. 

“A 43-year-old female patient here in Malamulo had esophageal cancer. There wasn’t much in terms of surgical intervention that could be done,” he tells us.  “It was during this time that I sat with her and shared the love of Jesus and told her about who Jesus is. [In that moment] she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. It was a life-changing story for me,” he continues.  This experience taught Dr. Munjeri that the needs of his patients extends far beyond surgical care.

Beyond all that we can offer medically, there is One who has called us. There is One who is the awesome, the risen, the sole purpose of why we are here and that is Jesus Christ,” he says.  “We thank God for Jesus Christ. For He came, He gave us life, and He gives life that no other man can give. No other man can give the peace that He gives. And when that lady, that patient, received Jesus Christ, it was joy that I [felt] and I couldn’t even imagine the joy that was in Heaven.” 

Thank you for your support of Dr. Munjeri and MedSend in our mission to transform national healthcare systems and share the hope of the Gospel!



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