Abner Bunt*
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: North Africa
*Name withheld for securtiy reasons
Tell us about your ministry assignment

Currently we are establishing residence in a country that has traditionally be difficult to enter and stay. We are currently developing a training program for national physicians that we hope to offer across the country. This program should provide us with a "residence card", which will allow us to be here on a more permanent basis. It has also helped us to network within the physician community in multiple strategic regions surrounding the city in which we live. We do not yet have recognized medical licenses yet in this country - we are starting this process, but realize it might take 2-3 years (without His intervention). However, as we are known as physicians, we have been asked multiple times to "consult" on friends and family of friends. We have spent time in homes talking about very difficult medical cases - stage 4 breast cancer, refractory childhood epilepsy, severe asthma, among others - and have used our medical connections around the world, our time to review information on these cases, and prayer to help care for these people. We're thankful for these opportunities. We know zero other believers in the region where we live. Our presence and intentionality here is being used to share the Good News. We have opportunities with our neighbors, with strangers as we interact in our community on a daily basis, and when we have moments with families in their homes.

How many patients do you see in a week?

We don't see patients, although we consult 1-2 neighbors or friends a week for medical problems. I also just helped initiate a "telehealth" option for workers in our organization to be able to consult a physician via encrypted messaging services during the pandemic.

Regarding MedSend...

In order to do medical work and share good news on a heart level in this country, we must learn at least 2 new languages, navigate a complicated and unfavorable visa process, and ultimately pray that God opens the doors for us. The MedSend grant has allowed us to embark on this arduous journey earlier than would have been possible, which is a much bigger deal than it seems - we were able to leave sooner from the states, allowing our girls to transition to a new culture at an earlier age, and has given us more experience to bring in new teammates and lead them well. As the grant continues, it allows us to focus more time on language, culture, and development of medical projects among other things, rather than putting more effort into support raising or working part-time. Thank you so much!!