Our Vision

To bless the world with compassionate care and the love of Christ by empowering committed health care professionals to minister and effectively care for those in the least served areas of the world.

Our Mission

In partnership with key Christian ministries, our mission is to strategically fund qualified health care professionals to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. 

Our Values

We seek to share the love of Christ through the administration of healthcare and the sharing of His Word to all people regardless of beliefs, behaviors, or principles. As an organization, we are committed to ethical and moral behaviors which conform to biblical norms.

Our Grant Recipients

Since being founded in 1992, MedSend has empowered more than 650 healthcare professionals serving in some of the most under served and neglected locations around the world. They often serve in areas of deep physical and spiritual need. As healthcare providers they are welcomed where others are not. MedSend grant recipients staff and run mission hospitals and rural clinics, which often involves training and mentoring Christian nationals into professional roles serving their own people. Through extensive involvement in community health education programs and in conjunction with Ministers of Health,  many are working to transform entire communities and national healthcare systems.

MedSend Nationals

MedSend Nationals is a groundbreaking program that is helping national believers obtain the advanced medical training and Christian mentoring they need to serve people who are poor and underserved in their home countries. MedSend Nationals is a powerful tool in reaching the nations with much-needed healthcare, as well as the good news and compassion of Jesus Christ.  For more information on the Nationals program click here.

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Our Associates

Sixteen mission sending agencies were instrumental in providing the seed funding used to create MedSend. Since then, additional organizations have joined, bringing the total number of active MedSend Associates to 55. We work closely with our Associates and rely on them to provide screening, training, assignment, oversight and accountability for MedSend grant recipients.

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