What We Do

MedSend makes it possible for highly qualified and dedicated Christian healthcare professionals to bring healthcare – and the good news of Jesus’ love – to people in need around the world. MedSend healthcare professionals staff and run mission hospitals and rural clinics and are involved in community health education and training and mentoring national caregivers. As healthcare professionals, many are welcomed in areas that are off-limits to other Christian workers.

How We Do It

For MedSend healthcare professionals from the U.S., we provide grants that remove the obstacle of educational debt and specialized training to equip them for the unique challenges they face. For MedSend Nationals healthcare professionals, we provide grants that fund advanced medical training, Christian mentoring and leadership training.

Why We Do It

To a world reeling with physical and spiritual suffering, MedSend healthcare professionals bring the best healthcare education and training our society has to offer. And they bring the only true power to change hearts and lives: God’s love.

About MedSend

MedSend enables highly qualified and dedicated healthcare professionals to serve spiritually and physically needy people around the world in the name of Christ. We do this by making their monthly educational loan payments while they serve. Without MedSend, these healthcare professionals would need to spend years working in the U.S. to pay off their educational debt before going and being able to answer God’s call to serve – and many would never make it to the mission field at all.

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Our Vision

We seek a world where individuals will be healed physically and spiritually, while their communities become places of health, prosperity and stability. MedSend is working to enable this transformation of people and cultures around the world through healthcare missions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable healthcare providers to work where they have been called, unencumbered by educational debt, and to monitor their progress in their roles as healthcare providers, teachers and examples.

Our Grant Recipients

Since being founded in 1992, MedSend has approved educational loan repayment grants to more than 600 healthcare professionals serving around the world. They serve in areas of deep physical and spiritual need, many of them in areas of the world untouched by the gospel. As healthcare providers, some are welcomed in areas that are closed to evangelism. Grant recipients staff and run mission hospitals and rural clinics, which often involves training and mentoring Christian nationals as caregivers. Through extensive involvement in community health education programs, many grant recipients are working to transform entire communities.

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Our Associates

Sixteen mission boards and sending agencies were instrumental in founding MedSend. Since then, additional organizations have joined, bringing the total number of MedSend Associates to more than 55. We work closely with our Associates and rely on them to provide screening, training, assignment, oversight and accountability for MedSend grant recipients.

MedSend Nationals

MedSend Nationals is a groundbreaking program that is helping national believers obtain the advanced medical training and Christian mentoring they need to serve people who are poor and underserved in their home countries. MedSend Nationals is a powerful tool in reaching the nations with much-needed healthcare, as well as the good news and compassion of Jesus Christ.  For more information on the Nationals program click here.