Group 1 Standards for Short-term medical teams
Discuss challenges as well as best-practices for effective short-term medical teams.  Will include resources for training and drug donation programs.
Greg Seager-CHSC
Julie Varughese-Americares
Group 2 Models for creative access countries
Share experiences and models for medical work in closed access countries.
Will Rogers (
Chris Place (Priority 15)
Group 3 Whole person care
Share resources and experiences in training and supporting medical missionaries to provide holistic care for their patients.
Bob Mason (Medical Strategic Network)
Group 4 Metrics in medical missions
Identifying and implementing appropriate measurement of outputs and outcomes of medical missions work.
Kristy Engel (International Ministries)
Perry Jansen (MedSend)
Group 5 Coaching as a part of member care
Exploring the integration of coaching principles in on-field member care.
Ann Tsen (CMDA)
Group 6 The spectrum of member care
Discussing best-practices in member care as well as resources for outsourcing/partnering.
Steve Sartori (CMDA)
Wayne Dye (GIAL)
Group 7 Partnering with US government
Sharing the opportunities and costs of partnering with US governmental agencies.
Bob Blees (SIM)
Group 8 Post-graduate medical education in missions
Sharing experiences, resources and models for setting up residency training programs for national physicians.
Bruce Dahlman (INFAMED)
Bruce Steffes/Keir Thelander (PAACS)
Group 9 Myths In Medical Missions Paul Hudson (SIM)
 Group 10 Mental Healthcare Needs Medical Missionaries Roger Brown (AIM)/
Jarrett Richardon (Mayo Clinic)