Group 1 Standards for Short-term medical teams
Discuss challenges as well as best-practices for effective short-term medical teams.  Will include resources for training and drug donation programs.
Greg Seager-CHSC
Julie Varughese-Americares
Group 2 Models for creative access countries
Share experiences and models for medical work in closed access countries.
Will Rogers (
Chris Place (Priority 15)
Group 3 Whole person care
Share resources and experiences in training and supporting medical missionaries to provide holistic care for their patients.
Bob Mason (Medical Strategic Network)
Group 4 Metrics in medical missions
Identifying and implementing appropriate measurement of outputs and outcomes of medical missions work.
Kristy Engel (International Ministries)
Perry Jansen (MedSend)
Group 5 Coaching as a part of member care
Exploring the integration of coaching principles in on-field member care.
Ann Tsen (CMDA)
Group 6 The spectrum of member care
Discussing best-practices in member care as well as resources for outsourcing/partnering.
Steve Sartori (CMDA)
Wayne Dye (GIAL/SIL)
Group 7 Partnering with US government
Sharing the opportunities and costs of partnering with US governmental agencies.
Bob Blees (SIM)
Group 8 Post-graduate medical education in missions
Sharing experiences, resources and models for setting up residency training programs for national physicians.
Bruce Dahlman (INFAMED)
Bruce Steffes/Keir Thelander (PAACS)
Group 9 Myths In Medical Missions
Sharing experiences, resources and experience around addressing mental health needs of health care missionaries.
Paul Hudson (SIM)
 Group 10 Mental Healthcare Needs Medical Missionaries
Exploring historical misconceptions around medical missions.
Roger Brown (AIM)/
Jarrett Richardon (Mayo Clinic)