Amie Bockstahler
Assignment: Guatemala
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I currently work with two different clinics. The first clinic, Corazon de Amor is in Guatemala City and served the poorest of the poor who survive by scavenging through the Guatemala City garbage dump. The patients at this clinic have very few resources and the clinic serves a huge role in treating both the physical and spiritual needs of the patients. There are many opportunities to share the Gospel of salvation with patients as they come to our clinic feeling lost and hopeless. There is a brevity of life amongst this community as they are often dealing with the death of loved ones who have been shot or killed due to gang violence or drug related crimes. This sad reality also gives us opportunities to share Christ's love with patients and families as we walk alongside of them in their times of grieving.

Salud que Transforma is a clinic about 1 hour outside of Guatemala City whose focus is on providing medical care to people in rural areas of Guatemala. There is a physical clinic in a rural community, and then twice a week we do rural medical clinics in areas even more rural and remote to serve people who would otherwise not be able to have access to medical care; and once a month part of the clinic staff will travel around 8 hours to serve in a remote clinic. These times that we spend traveling to remote areas have really opened the door to sharing the Gospel with patients because it helps us to built trust with the patients and shows them that we care and makes it easier to share with them about God's love for them. Another ministry of this clinic is a one year nursing assistant program which is overseen by the doctor/director, a Guatemalan nurse, and myself. We spend time in the classroom teaching the nursing students, and then they spend time in the hospitals doing clinical hours which are overseen by a Guatemalan nurse. Part of our curriculum involved Bible courses and teaching about wholistic care and Biblical values. Our hope with this ministry is to not only train nurses, but to train Godly nurses who know Christ and who will make a difference by sharing the Gospel with their patients.

Another part of my ministry in Guatemala is working with an orphanage that will have around 25 children at any one time.

How many patients do you see in a week?

Between the clinics we see between 140-200 patients per week, depending on the amount of help available. My role at the clinic can vary from day to day between taking vital signs, doing medical consults with patients, teaching patient education classes, or performing ultrasounds.

Regarding MedSend...

The MedSend grant has helped me to be able to answer God's call to serve in medical ministry in Guatemala, because without it I would have had to stay in the US and finish paying off my loans before moving to Guatemala. I am so grateful for not only the MedSend grant, but also the training, support and encouragement from Project MedSend!