An Open Letter to the Boy Who Wiggled His Eyebrows


By Melody Miller, RN

Nighttime has always been my favorite. My favorite time to eat, work, read, and play. The air is fresh and my mind miraculously clears with the setting sun.

On that fateful day, I stayed at work a little late to tick the final things off my list. I don’t know about you, but I sure enjoy the endorphins of accomplishment (look it up, it’s a real thing). Then I saw the message: your blood pressure was dangerously low, your fever significantly high. I sent a one-word reply to the med assist already caring for you: “coming.”

Often I find that God uses the willing and available, and not just the qualified. If he used only the qualified, he wouldn’t have urged me to go.

Sick children terrify my flesh. No control, No predictions, Emotional investment.

But I went.

Thankfully there was an entire team of knowledgeable nurses and doctors on board, and no one walks this journey alone.

I walked into your room and did an assessment and report. Following doctor orders, I did my best.

Such a feverish boy, no mother or father, only an auntie to take care of you. You made no demands, just laid there. You didn’t ask for this sickness, yet you suffered.

Moved with compassion from Jesus’s reminder to “let the children come,” I asked the med assists to help with cool water and cloths. We laid wet cloths on your head, and when you said your belly was too hot, we put them there too.

At one point, I laid my head down and looked at you…. then you wiggled your eyebrows at me.

Such humor in the midst of your misery! It brought joy to all in the room. Hold on to that gift, dear boy.


Melody Miller treating school kids for general sicknesses and
identifying ones that need further assessment. 

The team held hands with you and your auntie and prayed for a miraculous healing. Without it, I knew you could die within a day. And then we sent you to the hospital for further care.

When I think of you, it brings tears to my eyes. I didn’t print your papers, and assemble your referral. I didn’t drive you to the hospital. I didn’t make the decisions on how to care for you. I didn’t even care for you…not truly.

“Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus… He humbled himself.” (Philippians 2:5-8) I see the hands of Jesus, the feet of Jesus, the mind of Jesus in the team working together to love you, dear child. Never forget you are precious in His sight.

Several weeks later I saw you…a true miracle! Your energy, your healthy glow and obvious weight gain were all amazing. I knew God answered our prayers and was faithful to His character as the Great Healer!

Dear child, our Heavenly Father used you to build my Faith.

  • Pics From JanetMelody Miller, RN, is a MedSend nurse serving in Swaziland. She wrote this story recently after caring for a sick child.

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