Angela Kittridge*
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: South Asia
*Name withheld for security reasons
Call to Missions

I love my God and want Him to be glorified. He is deserving of the love and affection of every person. It is devastating to think that the majority of entire countries and continents are not worshiping Him as Lord and King. Out of a desire to obey him and see His Name be made great, I have devoted my life to seeing more people worship him in Spirit and in Truth. God has given me a clear burden and passion for women and children following Islam in war-torn countries. This was sparked by my time serving my refugee neighbors during medical school. I long for these women and children to know the freedom, joy, and peace that is found in Christ. I hope to leverage every area of my life to share the Gospel with people groups who do not know the name of Jesus. This includes leveraging my medical career, my prayer life, my family, my comfort, and my finances. The name of Jesus is worth the challenges found on the mission field, and I believe fulfilling His Great Commission will bring fulfillment, love, and joy into my life that will never be found in earthly things.

Healthcare Mission Work

I enjoy OB, community medicine, public health, and healthcare administration. I am thankful for the opportunity God is giving me to work in the Muslim world as a female physician. I hope he will open doors to deep relationships with Muslim women. We believe language is a powerful tool in sharing God's word. Our first 1-2 years on the field would likely be devoted to language learning, allowing additional time to get a clearer vision for how we will serve medically.

Anticipated Impact
  1. 1. The birth of new disciples who seek to make more disciples: We hope and pray that our work overseas would catalyze movements of many lost people coming to know Jesus. We are asking the Lord to help us die to any sin or comfort in our lives that might prevent this from happening. We are prepared to be “all things to all people so that by all possible means [we] might save some.”
  2. The mobilization of believers to unreached, unengaged people groups for the sake of the Gospel. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. We will encourage evangelism and discipleship among new believers by walking closely with them and teaching them to obey all that God’s Word says. We will cast vision to younger healthcare professionals through hosting visiting students and residents, speaking at conferences, blogging, and checking in via email. Our walk with the Lord was hugely shaped by those ahead of us and we want to continue doing this for those coming after us.
  3. Local healthcare workers growing in their knowledge and practice of medicine: Jesus cared for people both spiritually and physically. While our primary motivation for serving overseas lies in the spiritual realm, we do not want to forget the physical needs of the people we are serving. We hope to empower local physicians to provide better care to their patients by teaching and encouraging. We plan to focus less on direct clinical care to allow for more transmission of medical knowledge and the empowerment of local workers.