Giving Hope

In 2018, the generosity of MedSend donors enabled the ministry to quickly mobilize and sustain even more healthcare professionals who are committed to long-term missions.

Open Doors

2018 was a year of hope being brought around the world through MedSend healthcare professionals. In countries closed to other Christian influence, these healthcare providers were able to access communities through delivering care.

Spiritual Impact

In 2018, MedSend grant recipients not only cared for physical needs of communities, but provided spiritual care as well. Via the open doors provided by healthcare, they were able to bring hope through spiritual conversations and discipleship.

Partner with Us

There are many ways to engage with MedSend, and to help us in bringing transformational hope to the world.

Meet Our Grant Recipients

from this year's Annual Report

Family Physician
Dr. Marc Carrigan

Timothy Love


"I believe that many people in the Christian community consider missions at some point. Although I had considered missions earlier in life, I did attend medical school with the idea that it was something I would pursue long-term. Once I realized that the Lord was calling me to help serve at the Hospital of Hope, I knew that my loans would be an obstacle. MedSend has made it possible for the wins and the losses to not only be the stories of HOH, but the stories of every person who gives. MedSend donors are direct recipients of the blessing that all stories bring here on the field, whether through sorrow or joy, laughter or pain, we are a team for the Kingdom of Christ going forth to all the Nations."

--Kelly Faber, Physician

"Thank you so much for your generosity which allowed me and my husband to begin attending language school sooner than we would have been able to otherwise, and to now be two months into living and serving in Togo, West Africa! Your role as senders is just as vital as that of us who are called to go. We are so grateful for your faithful partnership and prayers."

--Bethany Edwards, Nurse

"Without the MedSend grant, we may not be in the field today, or would at least have had a 2-3 year delay in arriving to the field. The grant makes it possible to live and work in a city that is a key location for outreach among unreached minority peoples, as well as outreach to the national majority culture, and gives me the financial freedom to be able to invest time in caring for colleagues and others without access to high-quality medical care."

---Juliette Wellon*, Physician
*name changed for security reasons

“Declare His glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”

― Psalm 96:3