Baby Warrior’s Story, Part Two

Honduras Updates part 2 - Warrior-1

Dr. Blumhofer, a pediatrician and foster parent serving at Loma de Luz Hospital in Honduras, shared an update with us on Baby Warrior’s reintegration to his family.

At the end of February, Baby Warrior had reintegrated to his family. Throughout this process, Dr. Blumhofer stayed in touch with Warrior’s family to help provide care and resources. Though it was a challenge, she was able to get him a hearing aid, allowing him to hear for the very first time.

In the weeks since he began to hear, the changes in Warrior have been significant. He’s gone from the docile, “sleeping all the time” baby to excitedly interacting and learning to communicate. He has discovered his voice and uses it uninhibitedly, expressing his feelings, his likes and dislikes!

Following Warrior’s reintegration home, his family faced the challenge of not having adequate support to be able to care for him well. Dr. Blumhofer has thoroughly searched and sought to recruit support but the type of support that Warrior needs is not available in his home city.

Dr. Blumhofer shared:
“Due to Warrior’s ongoing needs and appointments, as well as the challenges his family faces, child services has drawn up a new placement agreement that has him in our home much more regularly, but with frequent visits home, and an open invitation to his family to visit anytime they would like to. Please pray for Warrior’s family, and our family. We are overjoyed to welcome Warrior back and be more a part of his life; but our hearts do break for his family who, through no fault of their own, are limited in what they can provide to him.”

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