Brian S
Brian S
Ministry Assignment

Currently we are living in a remote village with our team. We have a house there and are quite settled in. Our main ministry right now revolves around our continual language learning and visiting our neighbors. The village is 99% muslim and almost daily we are engaging our friends, neighbors and language helpers with Gospel truths and stories from the Bible. The culture here is very religious and they love to talk about spiritual things so deep conversations are typically very easy to have.

In the very near future, we are hoping to start a dental clinic and diabetes clinic.



Regarding MedSend

When we were first getting ready to leave for the field back in 2008, it was harder than we expected to raise our support and MedSend made it possible for us to get to the field by taking the burden off of us to have to raise even more support to cover my student loan costs. Since then, it has been a blessing to both my wife and me to see how God continues to provide for our needs, allowing us to remain on the field as MedSend helps to cover my PA student loans. And even now as our family grew, we’ve taken on increased financial need, but it is a huge blessing that this doesn’t also include having to pay our student loans as well.