Barbara Campbell

Barbara Campbell graduated from Pharmacy school at the University of Minnesota in 1993 and has worked in pharmacy operations and management for over 20 years. Over this time, she developed an interest in working with individuals to provide real, lasting changes to health and well- being that go beyond medications. This led her to continue her education, and in 2008, she completed her certification as a clinical nutritionist. In addition, her passion for applying practical business strategy to promote sustainability, and staff development have been at the core of every operation she has had the opportunity to lead. She has also served as Vice President the board for Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) for the past two years.

In 2010, Barbara found herself in Haiti right after the devastating earthquake that rocked the Port au Prince area. This was truly a life changing experience. Fueled by her faith and desire to follow God’s direction for her life, she continued volunteering by leading medical mission trips to Haiti. In 2012 she accepted a position with Mission of Hope as their Director of Medical Operations. For 5 years she gained valuable experience working in resource challenged areas and developed a passion for supporting local healthcare professionals. Knowing that poor health hinders a person’s ability to fully live life and maximize potential, she has the desire to see high quality health care available to everyone.

In 2017, after partnering with The Dalton Foundation for years in Haiti, Barbara was asked to join The Foundation as their Executive Director. Leaving the work in Haiti was an extremely difficult decision, but the opportunity to take the lessons learned and expand them to other contexts proved to be very inviting. Barbara has spent the past five years at The Dalton Foundation developing and implementing their strategic programs and developing partner relationships to effectively support the efforts surrounding addiction recovery & reentry in Ohio and the strengthening of health systems in the countries where they work. The Foundation team is very excited about the future and plans for growth over the next few years.

 Key projects initiated and led by The Dalton Foundation include, reLink Global, The Haiti Health Network, Workforce Development Program (Ohio), Equipping the Caregivers Project, and Medical Equipment Modernization and Standardization.