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Ministry Assignment

I work at a center providing care for underprivileged children. I also train local aides and I work with children with more significant or challenging needs.  In my current role, I am able to provide caring, consistent and compassionate care to underserved children.  We have a unique opportunity to communicate the dignity of all human life to those we work with as the disabled community here is often seen as cursed by God.  We, however, welcome broken and hurting people and families and treat them with care and respect as fellow beings created in the image of God.  Part of my role at the center is to provide training in evidence-based, progressive treatments to the aides I work with.  This past year, I have realized some of the deficits in their training, and have realized their lack of foundational knowledge of anatomy/kinesiology which impacts their ability to make sound clinical decisions.  I hope to strengthen some of these weaknesses this year in order to improve the quality of care we are providing to our patients.




Regarding MedSend

Without the support of MedSend, my family would still be in the US working to pay off my student loans, or working diligently to try and raise the additional support that we would need on a month to month basis to pay my monthly student loan payments. When I reflect on the people that we have met over the past few years in country, the children I've been able to serve, the people that we have been able to share Biblical truth with - those things have all occurred because of the generous support of MedSend and I am incredibly thankful. Additionally, living and working in an overseas capacity is a stressful matter. Knowing that my student loans are being paid month to month, has removed the weight from the stress of still having that student loan debt. I don't have to worry about meeting that payment - even if my monthly supporters decrease for a season - knowing that bill is taken care of is an incredible blessing.