Catching up with Dr. Wendy Hofman


Catching up with Dr. Wendy Hofman in Gabon, Africa:

When we last heard from Dr. Wendy Hofman, she had just performed eye saving surgery on Mama Mélodie, a 43-year-old local woman who could not afford the surgery needed to reverse her total blindness stemming from cataracts in both eyes.

Dr. Hofman continues to make an impact as a medical missionary in Gabon, Africa, and we congratulate her on her appointment as the assistant medical director of Bongolo Hospital, which will add additional responsibilities to her role as director of ophthalmology. She tells us that it was “bittersweet to see [my student] Dr. Roger graduating from his ophthalmology residency here at Bongolo. It is a great joy to see a new ophthalmologist who will be serving full-time here in Africa.” Dr. Bintou, Wendy’s new resident, has started her training, and she has been a joy to have around.

In exciting news from the eye clinic at the hospital, a local gentlemen named Papa Maurice gave his life to Christ after hearing the gospel! Wendy tells us that “he says he made this decision because he realized that God made the universe, and also because he has slept well since arriving at the eye clinic!”. Sometimes a simple personal experience is enough to draw us to Him.
Dr. Hofman and her family would like to thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support through MedSend. You have made it possible for Dr. Hofman, Dr. Roger, Dr. Bintou and so many others trained through the program in Gabon to not only save the physical sight of their patients but invite them to see God for the first time.

Your support continues to make this life-saving work possible!

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