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The Gospel Opportunity in Healthcare Delivery

Over a year ago, a woman reached out through a Facebook page managed by a coworker of MedSend grant recipient A.S* and spouse J.S.*. She needed help and prayer after her arm had been badly mangled in an industrial accident. They connected with the woman, provided financial assistance for her treatment through their team, and encouraged her with visits and the teaching of the Word.  The local woman had previously become a believer, but it wasn’t until her recovery that her husband came to faith.

This past December the couple asked our grant recipient and spouse to help host a Christmas outreach for their small farming community. Together they prepared a special service consisting of a meal, the gospel message, worship, and testimonies for 30 neighbors. The couple even requested to be baptized beside a dam near their home!

“The afternoon and evening were really special, and J and his coworker have gone back to meet with them more as this couple deeply desires to start a church in their home. They have begun to preach and worship with the couple when they are given a day off, and to plan with them about how to gather neighbors and friends to hear the gospel of salvation on a regular basis. We praise God for those who have come to hear the message in their home so far,” Dr. A tells us.  


Long-term Impact

This local family and their three children live in a migrant worker community. They are part of a team of 40+ workers who travel to different farms in the region to pick and gather fruit. Several co-workers and neighbors have heard the gospel and are considering following Christ.  

We pray that the seeds sown in this community would grow deep roots.  God willing, this local couple’s church will build a rock-solid foundation on the Word of God and Christ, the Chief Cornerstone.

We are incredibly thankful for the financial support of our donors, which in turn supports the medical and spiritual ministry of grant recipients like Dr. A. Just $35 keeps a MedSend grant recipient on the field for one more day.  Will you join with us?



*Names withheld for safety 

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