Important Msg from CEO-rev

Dear Friend of MedSend,

I am writing to apologize for the errors in our recent mailing. We sent a letter that may have reflected the wrong name to your address.

I am not looking to make an excuse. My goal is to explain what happened and to ask for you to accept my apology. We recently changed our database as well as our print shop. We had issues with both.

This is the first mailing that we sent since transitioning to a new software database. We had used the former database for 18 years and had a lot of confidence in the data and its integrity.
We spot checked the new system after moving it from the old to the new and came to the conclusion that it had properly transitioned.

We were wrong.

At the same time, we identified a new printer with additional capabilities and a reasonable price. Of course, they had no experience with our data and had nothing to compare it with. If
they had, they may have detected the changes from previous mailings. It did not function that way.

We will work hard so that the mail you receive from us is clear, concise, encouraging and addressed properly.

With sincere apologies,

Rick Allen
President and CEO

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