Chidi Otuneme
Surgery Resident
Residency Location: Niger
Home Country: Nigeria
Tell us about your background

As a child in our church we had doctors who were missionaries headed by  Dr Mokelu and Dr Dotun Dare, they were doing so many great things going into villages treating the sick, erecting orphanages and preaching the word and in church we always heard of testimonies, people coming out to say what God did in their lives through these doctors, I admired their passion and compassion, they were such lovely people so I decided I would become a doctor and be like them serving God and humanity. I will commit the same passion and compassion in the church community I live and work in.

When I became born again, I realized I was a new being and that I needed to know more of Christ, more that I ignorantly thought I knew so I enrolled for a discipleship program in my church under Mr Kehinde Gabriel, a military pilot. At that time, I began to understand the word of God and God in another dimension, my life changed, and I started praying to God to help my pride, I understood that all I was and had achieved were all by God’s grace and mercy. I also underwent baptismal classes and understood baptism and became baptized in April 2001 to the glory of God. This helped me in service to God in truth and in spirit with clear understanding of God’s word and not just knowledge and I have lived by that up to this day.

Where would you like to work?

I have been on many medical missions in rural areas and I have seen quite a number of people with surgical cases. These people can’t do anything, because they have no money and no access to a doctor skilled enough to help them out either for free or for a reduced fee. Most organizations and churches do medical outreaches and attend to medical cases but mostly do not attend to surgical cases, and that hurts me. I understand ministry as meeting individuals at the point of their needs, giving glory to God. I believe in filling a special gap for a need, especially in Nigeria and Africa at large. That need is the deficiency and inadequacy of surgeons to help out poor people and medically underserved rural areas in Africa, and being a trained surgeon would afford me the opportunity to feel that gap and attend to that special need. I consider this a ministry.

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