Christian Influence in our Nation’s Capital: Join us in DC!


We are excited to highlight more wonderful opportunities coming up during our 30th Anniversary Celebration at Museum of the Bible in Washington DC on April 14-15!

First, Randy Carey, MedSend’s Senior Vice President of Development & Global Ambassador, will lead a tour of the monuments on Friday, April 14.

While serving at the Pentagon in the 1990s, Randy spent time researching the Christian influence of the founding fathers. Not all, but some, were genuine followers of Jesus and their impact on our nation is remarkable. Randy hopes you will be as fascinated by those who built our capital and looked to their Savior for guidance in the projects they were commissioned to create as he was when he first heard the stories!

During the weekend you will also meet and hear from Dr. Martha Carlough, the very first MedSend grant recipient. Dr. Carlough served in Nepal from 1995-2005 and is now Professor of Family Medicine and Director of the Office of International Activities at UNC/Chapel Hill.

On Saturday night, Jim Ritchie, MD, will talk to us about the Longevity Project, moral injury and Medsend’s call to meet these needs. Jim is our Vice President of Partner Strategies and oversees the Longevity Project, which prepares and supports MedSend Grant Recipients to handle the burdens that are unique to cross-cultural healthcare.

For those of you who’ve already registered, we can’t wait to see you there! If you haven’t registered, we invite you to join us on April 14 – 15 to celebrate 30 years of providing quality, compassionate healthcare to those in need.



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