Meet MedSend's Class of 2021 Grant Recipients

These names and faces on this page represent the 2021 class of MedSend grant recipients. Three times per year, MedSend's Board approves a new "class" of missionaries. Once approved, MedSend seeks the support needed for healthcare professionals to the mission field.

New Grant Recipients

Spring 2021

VB*Theodore John*Amy Julian*Paulina Mager*Shannon MirichPatrice LyonsSam McDowellTashidia Steverson

Renewed Grants

Spring 2021

Anna C.*Lucas GoodsonLaurie Grant*J.L.*Lena WenselCalista Yates

National Scholars

Spring 2021

Admire MunjeriGianna Mendez*E.P.*

*Names and Identities Withheld for Security Reasons