Meet MedSend's Class of 2022 Grant Recipients

These names and faces on this page represent the 2022 class of MedSend grant recipients. Three times per year, MedSend's Board approves a new "class" of missionaries. Once approved, MedSend seeks the support needed for healthcare professionals to the mission field.

New Grant Recipients

Spring 2022


Hanna King

Alain Niles

Julie Pease

Katie Thompson

Renewed Grants

Spring 2022

Jason Axt

Scott Bradley*

Stacy Connor

Lindsey Cooper

Suzanne Hood

Kyu Kan*

Abigail Morales

Abigail Nelson

Ronn Nelson

Annelise Olson

John Orwell*

Sara Phipps

Michelle Y.

National Scholars

Spring 2022

John Ivan Banywerha

Moses Beyan

Arnuimah Bonoe

Yolah Canamor

Shadrach Gono

Vignon Hessou

Patrick Igwilo

Samson Kassa

Detoh King

Masuah Kokro-Sawyer

Yarkpazuo Kollie

Quoizzeneh Kollie

Roosevelt Matthews

Jeremiah Nangale

Romeo Orone

Surafel Tegen

*Names and Identities Withheld for Security Reasons