Meet MedSend's Class of 2020 Grant Recipients

These names and faces on this page represent the 2020 class of MedSend grant recipients. Three times per year, MedSend's Board approves a new "class" of missionaries. Once approved, MedSend seeks the support needed for healthcare professionals to the mission field.

New Grant Recipients

Spring 2020

Derek Anderson Joshua Bush Jessee Bustinza Willy Bustinza Gina Carlson Joshua Cobb Nathan Edwards Philip HarbeggerKrichele Jeffcoach Seth Mallay

Renewed Grants

Spring 2020

SB Aaron Branch Daniel Cummings Priscilla Cummings Ashley Vail Derek Webber

National Scholars

Spring 2020

Emmanual Ikwutah Lillian Michael Orenge Chidi Otuneme Chelea Shikuku

*Names and Identities Withheld for Security Reasons