Daniel Graham
Specialty: DVM
Location: Uganda
Tell us about your ministry assignment

Our main ministry focus continues to be in the area of discipleship and engaging our local church, Soroti Calvary Chapel, in the priority of discipleship and community missions. Our desire is to disciple and train nationals as missional leaders and to implement missional community development projects. Additionally, we connect our local church with the church globally through short-term missions. The center for these activities will be at and through our local church in the community of Oderai. Through this fellowship we have opportunities to engage in teaching within the church, leading and/or assisting in fellowship groups (men, women, and marrieds), and individual discipleship and counseling. Additionally, I am responsible for coordinating the School of Ministry at the church which engages young Christians from Teso, West Nile, South Sudan, and others in a one-year intensive discipleship and ministry preparation course. Through the church and its associated mission hospital, we reach out to the surrounding community of Oderai through community engagement programs on public health issues, community nutrition promotion, and other outreach activities. Some of these activities (community vaccination programs and other livestock projects) also extend to other communities, especially as it relates to church planting or church strengthening efforts in those regions. Another major focus area for community development projects is the Kigezi region of SW Uganda. There, our ministry projects mainly target the Batwa (pygmies), a largely unreached and marginalized people group, as well as the neighboring people groups with livestock projects, especially new and existing livestock loan groups and community trainings.

How many patients do you see in a week?

My healthcare work is not patient based - it is community development based. Numbers of community members involved in various outreaches, trainings, or projects vary dramatically depending on the current program.

Regarding MedSend...

MedSend has helped me in making payments on my loan while we have served in Uganda over the last 7 years. This has brought me close to the required 120 payments for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This is a huge encouragement and offered a lot of hope to our family for the future as we see the potential for loan forgiveness in a few short years.