Derek Webber
Physician Assistant
Specialty: Primary Care/ENT/Emergency Medicine
Location: Kenya
Tell us about your ministry assignment

Currently, I am serving in the Outpatient and Casualty departments at the PCEA Chogoria Hospital. I assist in supervising the current Clinical Officers (COs) with seeing patients and help to train the incoming Clinical Officer Interns (COIs) during their year of internship. This role allows me to teach each morning on specific medical topics primary care to emergency medicine topics. I have also had the opportunity to teach our Family Medicine Resident from Kabarak University in various ENT topics and they consult me with specific ENT issues.

I am in the process of creating a space within our Family Medicine Clinic to carry out specific ENT procedures and assessments. I also assist the Visitor Coordinator for the hospital with our frequent North American visitors and I’m the sectary Needy Patient Fund committee. This committee consists of multidisciplinary personnel including our chaplain, finance, and nursing departments. We review patients who are in need of financial assistance, which causes a barrier to their medical care. We pray over the many cases within the hospital and seek to share the love of Christ in practical financial ways.

Another component of my role here is to participate in teaching at our weekly staff bible study. Our senior physician staff, physician interns (MOIs), residents, COIs, any visitors, and our missionary families, all attend our weekly Bible studies. The attendance varies between 10-20 people, 4-5 different languages, and it is always a special time to teach the Word of God. Another opportunity I have is to be on the rotation of preaching at our Monday morning hospital chapel service. I find this as another opportunity to share the love of God and his message of the gospel.

How many patients do you see in a week?

I see an average of 50 to 75 patients within the outpatient, casualty, and family medicine departments. These patients are seen in consulting, assisting, and overseeing COs, COIs, Family Medicine residents.

Regarding MedSend...

Without my MedSend grant, I wouldn't have been able to go serve the people of Bundibugyo. Without having gone to serve the people of Bundibugyo, I would not have had to grapple with immense poverty, brokenness, and my inability as a trained healthcare professional (with a lot of resources) to fix any of it. Without my MedSend grant, I would not have had the ability to serve alongside of national physicians here in Chogoria to continue to proclaim the Gospel in Kenya. Thank you, Medsend!