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Ministry Assignment

I am working with a primary care clinic where local doctors and nurses are being trained and mentored. My role is a mixture of medical consulting, medical and spiritual mentoring/teaching, and administrative clinic management. I ask for the Lord’s great help in doing all of these things unto His glory and for the sake of Christ. We believe that, as a result of the mentorship and training that is happening in the clinic, these local doctors and nurses are being built up spiritually and professionally.

We think this clinic is also a help to the health of local patients, who suffer from many preventable diseases. In clinical encounters with patients, there are also sometimes opportunities to pray with people in Jesus’s name. We pray for more opportunities to share the gospel with patients as the Spirit leads. There have been chances to share the gospel with some non-believing co-workers, especially during our weekly Bible study meetings. In all of these things, we believe the light of the gospel is being lifted up and there is a pointing toward Christ.

I am also involved in mentoring local church leaders. This involves mainly meeting with our local church pastor to pray with and encourage him. This mentoring work also includes visiting sick church members with the local pastor. We visit these people in their homes, pray for them, and prescribe medical treatment for them.

These home visits not only help the local believers in their physical health but give me an opportunity to share a holistic model of Christian life. In this model, believers have a chance to see the gospel not only proclaimed but also lived out in everyday/work life. This helps the church to disciple its members to do work for the glory of Christ, thinking of their work as something that is a part of their Christian walk rather than something separate from it. I also have several roles on our mission team. These include country medical advisor, placement and finance coordinator, and being a member of our country leadership team.



7-15. In addition, I see some patients on home health visits every other week when I go visiting with our local pastor. There are sometimes other consults that are done outside the clinic, usually either by phone or in homes.

Regarding MedSend

Without the MedSend grant, I and our family could not have come to Central Asia right after finishing our training like we did.  If we had not been able to come, it's very possible we could have ended up getting sidetracked from the call the Lord had placed on us for overseas medical missions.  We also see great benefits from having been able to come soon after finishing training: we feel we are much more flexible from a professional and ministry standpoint than we would have been had we worked a lot in the US first.
Thank you so much, dear MedSend friends, for making it possible to answer His call!