National Scholar Dr. Emmanuel Ikwutah Builds a Foothold for Christ in West Africa


Dr. Emmanuel Ikwutah is a National Scholar originally from Nigeria serving as a general surgery resident in SIM Galmi Hospital in West Africa. He felt called to become a medical missionary to his own people from a young age due to visits to the local hospital growing up in Nigeria where he saw the need for skilled physicians to help those suffering.  

Dr. Ikwutah asks for your prayers to persevere and be bold in sharing the message and love of Jesus Christ with his patients. He says it is a rare opportunity for a Christian to be able to build “relationship[s] through interaction, which will go a long way [toward] building a foothold for the Holy Spirit in the future.”  

He shares that as a MedSend National Scholar “training is a huge boost for me and is transforming me to be a complete surgeon. To be able to care for the whole man: body, soul, and spirit. So far it has been a great platform to share the love [that] Christ has shown me as a person to other people. The support they are offering me is huge and it goes a long way in helping me to be who I am. To impact [the lives] of people not just now, but in the future as well. So I ask for prayers to be more effective in the ministry of reaching out to people in surgical ministry and [to] help me advance the kingdom of God. Thank you so much. God bless you.”  

We are thankful that Dr. Emmanuel Ikwutah is gaining the skills to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of his patients. Because of your support, he can engage others for Christ as he provides critical medical care. Praise God for all that He is doing through Christian medical missions!



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