Eli Horn: MedSend Removes Barriers, Offers Hope and Invests in the Future

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Dr. Eli Horn is a MedSend supported family medicine physician serving at Chogoria Hospital in Kenya. Listen as Eli shares how supporting MedSend helps missionary doctors go to the field sooner and stay longer, bringing hope to the most vulnerable around the world. 

Transcript available below the video.


“My name is Eli Horn, I’m a family medicine physician serving at Chogoria Hospital in Kenya. I also work as the program coordinator for the hospital for the residency program. 

My wife Kristen and I have been married since 2006. We have three boys. We graduated with student loan debt. Even just the simple fact of going to medical school incurs an awful lot of student loans and to be able to make the decision to leave and go work in a place where we aren’t going to be paid a salary, it requires an answer for student loans and would not have had if MedSend wasn’t there to help with covering that. 

I think in terms of what a donation to MedSend translates into, I would say it’s an investment in the future. Covering the cost of tuition and salary for a resident for four years knowing that they are going to live and serve in their home communities for 30, for 40, that’s an incredible benefit. 

When we, as doctors, feel passionate about something it can be honestly discouraging to know that there are so many obstacles standing in our way. As a group, I  would say, more than average we’re ready to tackle those things. But the reality is, we all get it, it can’t be done by ourselves. And missions especially is not something that is done in isolation. 

The fact that MedSend is willing to offer the hope that there are answers to the barriers, especially the financial ones, that keep us from living forward the convictions and the passions that we have and that we feel, I think is an amazing thing that they have offered. 

It has been for the last 30 years, in some ways, they have kept hope alive, thanks to MedSend, not only for having that financial gift of paying those student loans but also for knowing that it’s there. Knowing that there are people that care about what I care about. Knowing that there are people willing to invest in the people that I’m training. All of those things are hope incarnate.” 

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