Emmanuel’s Story


“Emmanuel was incredibly sick when I came back to the hospital two weeks ago. I was afraid he wouldn’t make it,” Dr. G. admits.  

Dr. M.G. is a pediatric surgeon and MedSend grant recipient serving in Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa’s population is roughly 50% children. There are very few pediatric surgeons and training positions for surgery are extremely rare—even more so with pediatric surgery. This is why Dr.G. and his family have dedicated their lives to taking care of vulnerable children and training national doctors and other medical missionaries to serve God with their own skills. 

Dr. G. continues, “A routine but complex operation for a congenital anomaly had developed a complication and my partner had done a great job to set things back on track. But I was worried.” 

The team worked hard to help this young boy. As they worked, mom slept on a bench just outside Emmanuel’s room in the ICU.  

“I’ve seen many kids in that situation not survive. I’ve had those super hard conversations with families too many times. The grief those families go through is impossible to comprehend. But slowly Emmanuel turned the corner and began to improve.” 

Overjoyed at his progress, Dr. G. asked mom for permission to take the picture shown above. “It helps my heart a lot.”  

On behalf of young families just like Emmanuel’s, impacted every day by the skill and care they receive from MedSend supported healthcare missionaries and national doctors, we are grateful for those that partner with us in making a difference.  Will you join us in changing lives through compassionate care?


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