Eric McDonald
Eric M nameplate
Call to missions

I was a teenager when I submitted to Christ’s call at a youth revival with friends. I realized that I needed a savior. My life has been a process of sanctification since that time. I had a career that I loved as a firefighter. My wife and I were married and started our family. We were unsure how many children we wanted, but knew that we wanted a large family. During the process of having children. The Lord put a calling on my heart to return to school. This was a big aspiration, as my undergraduate grades were not stellar. As usual, the size of our God and His plan prevailed. In 2015, I graduated from medical school as a doctor. In 2018, I finished my residency as an emergency physician. With a wife and seven children, God gets all of the credit for this success. As He does, He truly showed His strength in my weakness and has really given me the opportunity to glorify His name in my success. During the training process, my wife and I knew that we were called into this for a purpose. We had no idea what that purpose might be. Slowly, we have been able to discern his call. First, on missions, and finally (and most recently) as career missionaries. I get to share the gospel with my work on a daily basis and I truly love that about my job, however, my wife and I both see the medical field as a key to an otherwise locked door for the gospel in the nations. My wife (a registered nurse) and I, truly have a heart to share the gospel using our careers and families.

Healthcare and Evangelism

My wife and I both have a heart for Jesus. Once you have experienced this type of love, it is only natural to want to share it. Further, it is in His teaching that we are commanded to gather and share the gospel. The central focus of this is through the local church. Any good and fruitful church has it in their mission to plant other biblical and fruitful churches. This central focus allows the gospel to be shared but encourages and strengthens new believers by giving them a backbone on which to grow. I’m blessed with my field of medicine to be a part of someone’s worst day each and every shift. I often get to pray and encourage people and the best way I know to do this is centered around the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anticipated Impact

1. Share the gospel
2. Plant a local church
3. Provide medical care for those that may not be able to access it otherwise.