Evelyn B-C
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Ministry Assignment

I have continued to serve in different countries and ministries throughout the year, according to the need for mental health support that missions projects present. In summary during 2018 I served for 10 days with local church's in Cuba, two weeks at a rehabilitation center "Cuidad Refugio" in Medellin, Colombia, four months at TSC in NYC and seven months (disaster relief work after hurricane Maria) with the Catacumba Church in PR. In PR I also serve in a feeding program with my local church in an impoverished area and with a ministry that does counseling through the arts with children. I continue to focus my missions work on counseling consultations, mental health assessments, teachings and trainings in the mental health area for churches and ministries. I also provide member care for [my sending organization's] missionaries as well as for ministry leaders and pastors in the churches and ministries I serve in.

During the months I served in PR I also led several missions teams that came from the USA to do disaster relief work in the island. We distributed relief aid to the hardest hit areas by the hurricane. In each opportunity to either teach, train, consult, assess, counsel, or work with people within the communities our ministry work is based on scripture and the love of Jesus is shared either in an encouraging word and/or prayer with each person we encounter and each in teaching we do. During our workshops, some leaders and pastors have shared struggles and challenges they have had in themes we have discussed and we have seen many encouraged and even receive healing from the Lord in areas related to their emotional health. We have also directly shared the gospel with the people we have served in the communities and those that don’t know Jesus yet in our counseling sessions as well. I am very grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to use the skill sets in mental health care He allowed me to be trained in to share His truth and love with others wherever He leads.


Due to the variety of ministry work I do the number of people I serve per week varies depending on where I am located.  When serving in Colombia I can consult with and/or counsel an average of 20 people per week.  When I am doing mental health teachings or training in Colombia, Cuba or PR, I can have anywhere from 20-40 local ministry leaders or pastors participating in the workshops.  In New York City, I can have up to 100+ participants in these trainings that take place on average every other week with different groups of their ministry leaders and volunteers.  Counseling consultations in person or via internet/phone happen on a consistent basis wherever I am for an average of 5-10 cases a week as well.

Regarding MedSend

Medsend has been a God sent resource which has allowed me to serve in the mission field for the last 10 years in different countries in Africa, South America, North America, and the Carribean.  Without the support that MedSend has provided the financial burden would have been a factor that would have limited the time I have been able to serve in the field.  MedSend has also provided peace of mind for me regarding my student loans which helps me have more time to focus on the areas of the mission work that I love to do which are working with the people in need and teaching them how to care for their emotional and spiritual health.  May God continue to provide and expand the resources of this much-needed ministry that helps keep us serving on the mission field!