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 As Rick shared, we have made some exciting changes and enhancements to The Longevity Project!  In addition to the base plan, we invite you to choose one from the list of newly created experiences below!  There is no extra cost or fee, just use it within this grant cycle which ends June 30, 2024.

Choose ONE from the FOUR below:

  • MedRefresh* I or II
  • Spiritual Retreat*
  • Sandcastle Weekend*
  • Fly in a Friend or Family Member*

*Restrictions, timing and other terms and conditions apply.
*Base plan for the annual fee must be purchased in order to choose one of the new experiences. 

We are praying you take us up on this offer!  If you wish to participate, please continue reading below for next steps!

Congratulations on being selected to participate in The Longevity Project!

Here we will introduce you to the program, which is an entirely new initiative of MedSend.  The Longevity Project provides professional, relational, and spiritual support to global healthcare missionaries.  In accordance with God's will, we want to enable you and your families to thrive on the mission field and extend your length of service.  You choose which programs would be most helpful for you and your family.

Let's get started!

    The Program Details


The Longevity Project is a healthcare missions focused, confidential, self-support model designed to allow you to take control of the support you and/or your family need when you need it. MedSend awards you a grant for a nominal fee that can be applied across a wide range of services which have been fully vetted for quality, delivery, and confidentiality.

When you use the services, the cost is deducted from your grant.  Fees are determined by the number of people in your family and whether you are a new (within the first two years of service) or experienced missionary.  These services are available for you to use as you choose.

New Missionary Program Offerings: 

  • MedRefresh I*
  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Counseling
  • Coach / Mentor
  • Annual Stress Assessment

Experienced Missionary Program Offerings: 

  • MedRefresh II*
  • Spiritual Retreats*
  • Sandcastle Weekend*
  • Fly in a Friend or Family Member*
  • Counseling
  • TCK Support
  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Christ-Centered Collaboration Support
  • Coach / Mentor
  • Annual Stress Assessment

We've created a drop down of all of the services and our partners who are offering their talents and gifts to support the program below.

The Costs

The program fee and grant amount are based on your family or unit size and your duration of service.

Here’s how it works:  (all costs in USD with an example below)

A new missionary, married with no kids paid $250 annual fee for a $2,000 grant to spend through the fiscal year.  They might choose the below:

    • Participate in the Coach/Mentor program ($200)
    • Meet as a pair with a Spiritual Director every other month (6 x $75=$450)
    • Both take the Annual Stress Assessment (2 x $100 = $200)
    • Use eight couples’ counseling sessions (11 x $100 = $1100)

This would utilize $1,950 of their $2,000 grant within the first grant cycle.  PLUS, chose one of the 4 new experiences!

If you have questions or would like to walk through the process, contact kim@medsend.org.

Frequent Questions & Answers

  • Why aren’t all of the offerings available to all participants?
    Some of the components, such as the MedRefresh Retreats, are comparatively expensive.  We didn’t want to charge the proportionate cost of the Retreat if you are not able to attend it that year.

  • If I use up my grant, can I purchase a second grant within the same year?
    We want to offer The Longevity Project to as many healthcare missionaries as possible, so we will limit participation to one grant per year.  Feel free to contact our partners directly to arrange for further services at their usual rates.
  • If I don’t use all of my grant, can I “roll it over” to next year?
    We want to encourage you to take advantage of as many of these services as possible on an ongoing basis.  So we do not plan to “roll over” grants to the next year.
  • Where does MedSend get the money to subsidize the cost of this program?
    MedSend works with donors who love the idea of healthcare missions and want to support you in your ministries!
  • Can I renew next year?Yes, if you are a participant in the program, you will get a front-of-the-line opportunity to participate next year.
  • What if I want to participate in Extended Debrief or Counseling, but don’t want to participate otherwise in The Longevity Project?
    We do not offer that option.  You are welcome to contact the pertinent organizations directly.

Next Steps


If The Longevity Project is of interest to you:

  • Proceed to the GrantApplication.
  • Send your completed application to kim@medsend.org by August 11, 2023
  • Once your application is approved, the second step is the payment
  • You will receive an invoice which outlines the steps to pay the annual fee
  • Your grant will become active as of July 1, 2023, the grant cycle is July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024
  • A welcome letter will be sent via email with details on how to begin using your grant

If you choose not to participate, please let us know!