Felix Mulago
Resident, Family Medicine
Residency Location: Kabarak University
Home Country: Kenya

I was born into a practicing Christian family, I was initiated into gospel from a very young age. I find it like a grace. Since then I do my best to stay and grow in faith. Believing in Jesus has made me a different person, I grew up in a difficult neighborhood where I was the only one who had the grace to go to the university. I managed to create peace and harmony in my relationships and I plan to make my dreams come through faith in Jesus Christ. Believing in him gives me strength and courage.

Where would you like to work?

After completing residency, I want to return to DRC to serve, especially the populations of eastern of DRC. I'm from that region. Mostly poor and traumatized by wars and repeated massacres without access to quality health care for lack of not only equipment but also human resources.

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