Specialty: Pediatrics
Location: Southeast Asia
Call to Missions

God knew His plan for us and was putting the pieces in place long before we knew Him. It was no coincidence that our house in Knoxville was located where we would drive by a large church everyday; also no coincidence that it was a mission focused church. God drew 2 nonbelievers into that church and completely changed our lives! Eventually, our Sunday School teacher would also be the Mission Pastor of the church. What an opportunity that was! We met several missionaries and listened to their stories. My husband and I always enjoyed the time and would say, “So glad there are people willing to do that and so glad God didn’t call us”. I should add that during this time, when our daughter was about 4, she told us she was praying that we would be missionaries. I told her, “Good luck with that.” Her mind saw far beyond what John and I could. John and I decided at that time that our family was our mission field. It was not an easy task. We also wanted to do a mission trip in the future. However, God had bigger plans. During this time, we began to downsize and sell things. At the time, we didn’t have a good reason, just felt we needed to get rid of “things.” I began to feel a desire to share the Gospel beyond our family and friends. However, my husband was a homebody who wasn’t big on travel or flying. I just couldn’t imagine him getting on board with this. One afternoon, he said he needed to talk. It was then he shared that he felt we were being called to the mission field, overseas. Our mighty God had been working on both of us! Our answer was “Yes, Lord”. We often get asked how long we will be gone. Our answer, when the Lord calls us home or to another country. We want to live out Matt 28:19-20. More than that I want to live like Acts 5:41, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for his name.

Healthcare Mission Work

Working in the healthcare field will provide the opportunity to meet many different people. Some will be people of peace that I can engage in conversation about their life, family, beliefs and at the same time share mine. As I get to know others, I will have opportunities to share the Gospel with them. My goal is to heal physically as well as spiritually as much as I am able!