Brittany Hullings
Nurse Practicioner
Specialty: Family Medicine
Location: New York
Call to Missions

I always knew that I wanted a career in medicine, so I declared a pre-med major going into my freshman year of college in 2009. The program wasn’t exactly what I expected going in, but I knew that medicine was where I felt God calling me, so I changed my major to nursing, and after completing my undergraduate degree I started working at Strong as an RN. I felt God calling me to become a provider, so I went back to school to complete my graduate degree and become an NP. Though circumstances and things continued to change in my life, one thing remained the same; I felt a deep calling to healthcare. One of my best friends from college, Justine, started working at His Branches, and would share how her faith and work were complementary and how she would pray with and for patients. This really drew me to consider how I could combine my faith and ministry into the way I practiced medicine and healthcare for my patients. At the hospital system I worked for, I had a lot of pushback against prayer, talking about faith with patients, etc. That’s when I started praying about if I should make a change in my place of employment. I felt God closing the door at the University of Rochester and saw Him open doors with His Branches where my friend Justine works. So many of my favorite parts of Jesus’ ministry is Him healing the sick and the castaways of society. Though medicine has come a long way, there is still such an underserved population here in my local community that I have a deep longing to help and serve. Not only would I be able to incorporate my faith more tangibly in my care at His Branches, but I’ll also be serving a community and people that are in desperate need of healthcare and medicine that would likely not be able to receive such care elsewhere.

Healthcare Mission Work

I am taking a job at His Branches in downtown Rochester, NY. I will be working with patients that are poverty stricken, underserved, and marginalized. One of my close friends works for this organization, and through the years I have heard her tell us about the work being done in her office. Stories of patients needing a ride to an appointment, and a PA going to pick them up. Stories of transgender and homosexual patients coming to know and love the Lord after months of providers patiently building trust with those who would be likely fearful to talk to someone “religious” who may judge them. There are countless examples of how the providers and medical staff at His Branches have come to know their patients and intervene to provide for their needs; whether physical (clothing, food, shelter, a diagnosis and treatment), mental (counseling resources and education), or spiritual (sharing the gospel, prayer, etc.). I plan to use my background in GYN care and my passion to eliminate the assumed need for abortion to help support, encourage, empower, and equip women who may be faced with an unexpected pregnancy. I plan to help connect patients with resources that they need for basic living like shelter and food through local resources. I hope that I can pray for and with my patients about their needs and circumstances and share the gospel with those who do not know the Lord. I have a heart for people who are hurting, lost, and marginalized, and I want to love people the way that Jesus has loved me; selflessly, compassionately, and with great patience. I know that I will do this imperfectly, but my hope is to humbly serve my community to the best of my ability and with the Lord's help.

  1. ​​To serve patients who may otherwise slip through the cracks (the underserved, poor, and marginalized).
  2. To faithfully share the gospel and pray with and for my patients.
  3. To allow God to use this job to not only serve others but to change me. I hope that I can grow as a clinician. I want to be humble and willing to learn about different cultures and life circumstances than the ones I know. I hope to learn how to better communicate with patients about God and why He is the ultimate healer.