Location: Eastern Africa
Call to Missions

The Lord placed a seed for missions on my heart soon after coming to faith but the next three years was a time for learning, growing, and maturing in my faith. In June of 2010, the Lord put a specific calling on my heart to go and serve in Africa. In October 2010, I went on a short-term mission trip to Kenya and this is where I first fell in love with Africa and felt a calling into long term missions. In 2012 I was appointed with Africa Inland Mission to be a member of a TIMO (training in ministry outreach) team. From April 2013 through October 2015 I served with Africa Inland Mission amongst an unreached people group. While in Africa, I was able to gain experience providing basic medical care and working with children with neurological and orthopedic disorders. Through this experience, my gifts, strengths and passions became clear and focused into a strong desire to pursue a career in nursing and to return to Africa long term as a medical missionary/evangelist with AIM. It was also during my time in Africa that the Lord planted in my heart a love for and desire to reach Muslims with the Gospel.

Healthcare Mission Work

I will be working under the umbrella of a non-profit "development" agency. I will be serving as a nurse through an orphanage run by an Islamic non-profit based out of Norway. It is located in a city a significant distance from the capital. Though I will be providing nursing services to the orphanage, my primary focus will be working with the associated program that serves children with disabilities and their families from the surrounding area. The goal is to provide education, training, and resources for the children and families. This position will allow me to demonstrate the love of Christ through compassionate care for these children and families who are often considered cursed and are shunned by their community. Building relationships with the children, their families, and my co-workers will provide opportunities to pray with them, to have spiritual conversations and to share the Gospel. Other ministry opportunities include collaboration with the nursing and medical schools on a new rehabilitation program for children and adults. This program will provide resources and services that do not currently exist and will again open doors for relationship, spiritual conversations, and sharing of the Gospel. A third area of ministry is a collaboration with a colleague in a neighboring city to begin utilizing a Bible-based Trauma Healing Program. This program focuses on Christ and provides hope and healing to those who are suffering from trauma.