Stella Kibet
Resident, Family Medicine
Residency Location: Kabarak University
Home Country: Kenya

Knowing Jesus and following Him has helped me build resilience and trust in Him throughout my adult life thus far. I have been able to subject myself to the will of God, completing surrendering to him and allowing him to order my steps even when it did not make sense. I have treaded in paths others would dare not journey into, and never felt alone because of His reassurance. I have learnt to find joy in the little things of life and to obtain satisfaction in serving Him. I relate well with others around me, and my life has sometimes been used by those around me as a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. As a doctor in a healthcare system that does not appreciate it’s human resource much, I obtain fulfilment in knowing that I am doing God’s work by being a steward in His vineyard, doing right even when unseen. Because of this, I have found myself in leadership roles in social or professional circles. I plan to continue in the faith, serving God while setting my eyes towards the greater goal of seeing Him once my work on earth is accomplished.

Where would you like to work?

I hope to work in rural Kenya to serve older persons who lack access to affordable and equitable healthcare as a primary care physician or geriatrician if opportunity for further training is available. So far, the care of older persons in particular in my country and region is not optimum due to failing health systems and inadequate training of healthcare professionals. This residency will enable me to bridge the knowledge gaps I have experienced in my work as a general practitioner and to support other healthcare professionals to improve geriatric care in Kenya and beyond.

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