A Family Seeks Treatment for Daughter’s Cancer



Meet MedSend grant recipient Morganne Weeks, PAC

Morganne has learned over her three years on the mission field in Ethiopia that being the hands and feet of Jesus to a low resource community extends beyond her training as a healthcare missionary. Treating wounds and disease may be what brought her to a continent far from home along with her husband and three young children, but she has found that meeting whatever need she finds in front of her, medical or not, is the best way to show others God’s love. 

The organization Morganne is affiliated with in Ethiopia has a long-standing history of aiding the community in a variety of ways. One of those ways is digging wells to provide clean water when the government cannot or will not provide it.  This is how Morganne found herself involved with a local prison.


Meeting Practical Needs Leads to Opportunity

“The prison did not have enough clean water for the 1200 inmates that were there,” she shared with us. “And they said, ‘We’ve heard of you as a Christian organization that is willing to put in a well, when other government organizations are not willing to. Will you please come in and give us clean water for our prison?’ And so, our team was able to do that. And while we have been out in this city, I’m making relationships and trying to make small efforts to help the needs, the very physical needs that are there,” Morganne told us.  

Efforts like these have allowed Morganne and her team access to places and communities they would not be permitted to reach otherwise. They use every opportunity to supply medicine and other medical help once they have gained trust.  At the prison this was exactly what they did, and they now hold Bible studies for the inmates. 


Quality Healthcare Provided with Compassion

The compassionate presence of the team in the city and the trust they built through their work caused word to spread.  One day, a family sought them out on the street to help their daughter, who was in an excruciating medical state. The young girl was suffering with a malignant retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye) that had gone entirely untreated. Morganne knew they needed to act fast.

“We flew them to the capital and even then, due to limited resources, were not able to get MRIs done without a week or two of waiting, and there’s no medication to sedate this little girl,” she continued. “At this point though…we have been able to get some care for her. She is receiving chemotherapy now and the tumor is decreasing in size. And they are hoping to remove it to make her more comfortable and go from there.” 

Your gift to MedSend sends compassion, hope, grace and God’s love to human beings created in His image in desperate need of help. As grant recipients like Morganne supply medical care and Gospel to those they meet, we pray His Word will continue to spread!


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*Actual patient not pictured to protect privacy and security

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