Following in Jesus’ footsteps


I was very inspired by MedSend grant recipients Jane Weaver, MD, and Andrew and Stephanie (MD) Ongukas’ deep love for the people they minister to. When I asked Stephanie how she felt about beginning her outreach into a Nairobi slum (was she nervous, scared?) … her only response was “excited.” As she begins her ministry in a very dark place, she expressed excitement and eagerness as she gets to know ladies in the slums and develops friendships. As we walked through the slums with Stephanie and Andrew, I watched them make such a comfortable connection with the people, freely touching and speaking with the slum dwellers. That’s love for the lost!

Then there’s Jane who is ministering in a violent, drug-infested city called San Lorenzo, Ecuador. Jane tells those who visit her, often with tears, “she is so “blessed” to live where she lives, ministering to the people she loves.” These MedSend recipients demonstrated extreme love for the unlovely. Sounds like what Jesus did for me.

Prior to seeing these health professionals in action, I didn’t value medical missions as much as I did direct evangelistic/discipling ministries. Now I get how equally important their contribution is for the kingdom of God. Jane, for instance, leads a team who are effectively sharing the gospel to patients through medicine (even leading one patient having a hysterectomy to faith while she was on the operating table!), praying for their needs, and having a loving testimony throughout the city of San Lorenzo. She even admits to not having the gift of evangelism but her leadership releases others on her team to use their gift of evangelism to reach the lost. Stephanie in Nairobi will also have opportunities to show the love of Christ in a very tangible way.

We observed how she freely talked about the Lord and prayed for people while treating their illness. When we asked her how she plans to do medicine and evangelism, she clarified that she will be in the clinic only part of the week…and building relationships the rest of the time. Jesus spoke of eternal things and also compassionately met felt needs. These health professionals are following in Jesus’ footsteps.

I especially respect the stewardship of MedSend. My money goes straight to releasing Christian medical professionals. Even the leaders of MedSend live simple lives. I also appreciate the donor care that is unparalleled in any other ministry. Now that I’ve personally met and corresponded with a few MedSend grant recipients, I can attest to the fact first hand that MedSend is releasing some deeply committed Christ-followers too.

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