Bring Hope to
the World

Join us on our international mission

  • Mobilize healthcare workers

    to serve internationally and domestically

  • Remove the greatest barrier

    for medical professionals to go and serve: school debt

  • Enable missionaries

    to take Christ's love through healthcare to those who haven't heard the Gospel

Transform Nations

Join us on our life-changing mission

  • Allow U.S. healthcare workers

    to provide high quality specialized training to Christian indigenous people

  • Pave the way

    for national healthcare workers to become missionaries to their own people

  • Equip nationals

    to provide long-term solutions for their countries

In Their Words...

Read what our grant recipients, board members, donors, and associates say about MedSend.

Alisha McAfee

Alisha McAfee

OD, MedSend Grant Recipient

"I am officially a MedSend grant recipient. Do you know what this means? This means that when you can’t afford to, there may be other people who can afford to lift you up. Due to the hard work that MedSend puts into getting donations, we now don’t have to worry about making my monthly loan payments while we are in Guatemala. The generous people who donate to MedSend have us covered."


Colin Eakin

MD, MedSend Supporter

"When I first heard of MedSend some years ago, it was the most compelling talk I had ever heard for a nonprofit group.  Here was this doctor telling the audience that God had used his presence in Nigeria to essentially bring an entire tribe of over 80,000 people to the Lord through astonishingly miraculous means."

Gendreau, Phil, DDS_El and family 2

Phil Gendreau

DDS, MedSend Grant Recipient

"I am so grateful for the support of MedSend. Words cannot describe how great of a blessing this it to our family. There was someone who prayed for me six years ago that said who God would completely take care of my student loans. This grant is an answer to six years of prayers. Most importantly, there will be so many lives changed because of your help. Serving as a missionary has been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old. Without the partnership with MedSend, I would not have the opportunity to give free dental care and share the gospel with those in need. The dental care that you are part of makes a big difference in other people’s lives."


Janielle Nordell

MD, MedSend Grant Recipient

"I knew becoming a pediatrician was hard work, and I knew I would incur a lot of debt in order to achieve that goal. However, I also knew that with God, all things are possible, and that He would find a way for me to serve Him in His beautiful world. Now, because you are helping me with this debt, I am able to fulfill my calling sooner than I ever imagined. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your part in our ministry!"


David Stevens

MD, MA (Ethics), CEO of Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA)

"Healthcare missions is the key to penetrating difficult to access countries and completing the Great Commission. The greatest barrier for those desiring to serve is educational debt. MedSend has eliminated it, enabling hundreds of missionaries to bring health and the gospel around the world. They are fueling a renaissance in medical missions!"


Douglas A. Drevets

MD, DTM&H, MedSend Board Chair

"This year has been another year of profound changes and turmoil in the world at large and at home. I love MedSend because through it, I can engage the world beyond me in a way that offers people not only healthcare that they would not otherwise have, but also the opportunity for true healing and wholeness that comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. MedSend believes strongly in its healthcare mission and at present, we support 183 grantees domestically and abroad who make positive impacts in people’s lives. But the fact that this healthcare is delivered in the name of Jesus is what separates MedSend, its grantees, and Associate-sending organizations from worthy humanitarian agencies and many healthcare-focused nongovernmental organizations. Despite the commotion of current events, supporting MedSend offers each of us an opportunity to counter feelings of helplessness, futility, and cynicism by investing in others for eternity."


Kit Flowers

DVM, President, Christian Veterinary Mission

Since Christian Veterinary Mission joined MedSend in 2004, CVM has been blessed by the partnership MedSend provides to help in mobilizing veterinary professionals. Not only have they helped to relieve the burden of educational debt on our missionaries, but they also have provided wise counsel to candidates on how to minimize and manage debt prior to going on the field. MedSend staff also have taken time to pray for and help support our grant recipients with regards to personal needs. They are definitely a visionary agency that is going the extra mile to help build professional missions. We are so grateful for the MedSend partnership as it has been an important piece in our ability to mobilize new young workers to some of the more difficult places of service. We are seeing God work through those who have received MedSend funding around the world. We appreciate the MedSend partnership!

Dr. Ronald Halbrooks, MD

Faculty Duke Global Health Institute

I think MedSend is one of the great advances not only in health care missions, but missions in general.

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