GHWNA Survey Results

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GHWNA Survey Results 

How are we doing?

The GHWNA Survey provided a great opportunity to anonymously survey former and current MedSend grant recipients about the importance of MedSend grants and the effectiveness of the ministry that the grants make possible. Overwhelmingly, the respondents agreed that:

  •  MedSend grants allowed them to get to the field faster. (And without MedSend grants, some believe they might not have gone to the mission field at all.)
  •  Having a MedSend grant helped them commit to career, long-term healthcare missions.
  •  Their work on the mission field transforms lives and communities.
  •  As healthcare professionals, their work has an impact on meeting the spiritual needs of the people they serve and they have regular opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

We’re pleased to share some of the results below:


Without MedSend…


“I wouldn’t have been able to take any steps towards long-term overseas service without the existence of MedSend to cover education loan payments.” 

“The grant helped to accomplish the vision that God has given me.” 

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Thank you for paying the debt I owed!!! MedSend will forever be a living example of Christ to me. Jesus paid my debt for my sin on the cross, and MedSend paid my financial debt for me!! With deep appreciation!” 

“Not having to worry about paying for student loans has relieved a big burden from our shoulders.  It is already difficult to raise as much support as we need for salary and health insurance, so to have to raise support to cover loans would have been even more difficult.” 

“I would not have been able to come to [Africa] to be a missionary surgeon without MedSend.  The blessing of the MedSend grant has been far reaching and has impacted me and my family and my patients and the residents that I train.  I believe that it is possible that I would have never made it to the field if I had had to work long enough to pay back my loans.  I am so very grateful for MedSend.” 

“Without a MedSend grant I would not be able to pay my student loan while I do missions work and so forth would not be able to respond to this calling in my life.”

“MedSend’s support is the sole thing that has made my work possible. If I had not had this support, my loans would have required that I take a high-paying secular job.”

To read more comments about MedSend from survey respondents, click HERE.



Healthcare remains the only form of access as a Christian witness in many countries.

Your gift helps activate the movement of God's people to the field. Will you join us in ensuring that eager Christ-following health professionals are able to serve the Lord through global healthcare missions.