Gilbert Toroitich
Orthopedic Surgery Resident
Residency Location: Kenya
Home Country: Kenya
Tell us about your background

I have been raised in a Christian family being rooted in the African Inland Church (AIC) that was started
by African Inland Missionaries. I attended Sunday school at AIC Bondeni in Nakuru. I gave my life to Christ in
primary school after a Reinhard Bhonke crusade at Afraha stadium in Nakuru town. I attended catechism and
got baptised in AIC Kabarak Chapel in 1997.

Where would you like to work?

I currently work in Solai which is a rural setting, predominantly inhabited by Kikuyus and Kalenjins. It's a
resource-poor area where the major economic activity is agriculture. Most people live below the poverty line
earning less than 2 dollars a day. Access to healthcare is also poor. The nearest health facilities with a doctor
are 30-50 km away.

There are quite a number of churches within the area including AIC, Catholic, PCEA, and Baptist being the
main churches. However, there is still a need for evangelism and discipleship because the area is plagued with
drugs and alcohol abuse, underage marriages, and pregnancies. Polygamy is also widely practiced.

I am also open to working in any other community or region if the opportunity arises.

I hope to further develop my clinic at Solai in Nakuru county. There is a huge demand for competent and
compassionate healthcare in rural Kenya where there are very few service providers. However, I am also
open to new opportunities that may present after my training.

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