“God is ready to intervene in our patients’ lives.”

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Laurie, a MedSend grant recipient and physical therapist serving in Southeast Asia, asks for your prayers over her and her patients. Laurie recently realized she was hesitant to pray with some of her patients, not sure how it would be received. The local community, while not hostile to Christianity, is not very open. Convicted that this was not the example she wanted to set among the staff, she asked the Lord for help and for an opportunity. 

“One of my patients [told] me how she and her husband are struggling to earn [money] fishing. The catch is so poor they’re often not even able to cover the costs of their fuel. I was really happy when she allowed me to pray to Jesus on her behalf for help with their fishing the next day,” Laurie shares. 

Two months later Laurie saw this patient again and asked if she remembered Laurie praying for her. She did. The couple had earned significantly more than normal with their fishing in the days after, which the woman attributed to Laurie praying in Jesus’ name. 

“Wow, so do you think that Jesus helped you?” Laurie asked. 

“Yes, he did,” the woman answered. 

“Have you prayed to Jesus again since then?” Laurie asked. 

“Yes, I have,” she replied. 

“Does your husband know?” Laurie wondered. 

“Yes, I told him all about it and he said that it’s ok,” the woman revealed. 

“It reminded me again that God is ready to intervene in our patients’ lives and demonstrate who He is as we pray for them. We urgently need more prayer support from you all at home. There is so much opposition to the gospel but also opportunity,” Laurie says. 

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