Grant Recipient Impact in a Closed Country

Students at Hope Africa

Many MedSend grant recipients serve in closed countries where they risk their safety by speaking the name of Jesus. The faith and courage they display as they deliver compassionate, whole-person care while sharing their faith is inspiring. DT*, a MedSend grant recipient serving in a closed country, shared with us about a recent experience she hopes will show just how exciting and inspiring healthcare missions can be when God is on the move.  

DT and her team coordinate medical clinics twice yearly for the local community in partnership with a national church planting partner organization. The results from their latest 4-day clinic were astounding!  

On day one they saw 145 patients at the clinic, and 10 chose to become new brothers and sisters in Christ. 155 patients showed up on day two, and 24 received Christ. On day three they treated 190 patients and welcomed 35 new believers into the family of God. Day four brought 202 new patients and many good, tough conversations and times of prayer.  

By the end of the clinic, 692 patients received medical care, and 69 souls found eternal life and hope!  


“What a blessing to be able to reach them this way. The partner organization follows up with those who have decided, and small house church groups have started. Praise the Lord! I want to thank [MedSend] for helping me to be able to see His work in this place. It would not be possible for me to make my student loan payments and be on the field,” DT shares. 

At MedSend, our mission is to spread the gospel through healthcare missions. We witness the tangible impact of God’s power, combined with the generosity of our donors and the skills of our grant recipients and National Scholars, as they change lives worldwide. Our goal? Providing access to healthcare and access to Jesus.

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*Name withheld for security

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