Institute for Global
Healthcare Missions

Our Mission

A God-sized opportunity: To transform the short-term outcomes and long-term impact of global healthcare missions through the use of intentionally-focused partnerships.

The Institute for Global Healthcare Missions will provide a forum and informational data repository for strategic and tactical decision making by organizations focused on healthcare missions and training national physicians. It will operate programs, often through partnerships, that make dramatic improvements in institutional infrastructure and residency training, and upgrade care of in-field medical professionals. In addition, it will provide a platform to gather and distribute financial resources to carry out these programs.

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Why Now?

We are seeing a convergence of several factors which make this an appropriate time for the creation of the Institute:

  • A growing, yet aging and under-resourced, infrastructure of mission hospitals able to support residency programs
  • A significant number of young national physicians seeking advanced training
  • A new generation of US-based specialists willing to go, teach, and serve
  • Increasing awareness by mission agencies of the strategic nature of healthcare to deliver the compassion of Christ to an underserved world
  • The lack of any centralized resource to inform, direct, and measure resources directed at global healthcare missions
  • A closing door to Christian evangelism and church planting missions from the West, but an open door to healthcare providers