Improving Access to Healthcare in Niger


Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world with 2/3 of the population living below the poverty line. Frequent political violence and an inadequate national healthcare system make access to effective medical care out of reach for most. But, due to the compassionate financial support of healthcare missions from our donors, increasing numbers of national doctors are being trained and equipped to meet the needs of the men, women, and children suffering from curable diseases and treatable injuries. 

National Scholar Dr. Sadock Irankunda, originally from Burundi, is a recent graduate of the general surgery residency program at SIM Galmi Hospital in Niger. Dr. Irankunda wrote to us to express his gratitude and appreciation for the support from MedSend that allowed him to receive the vital training and spiritual discipling he needed to fulfill his calling.



“I remember of one of my patients, he came in with severe Ludwig’s angina and severe trismus,” Dr. Irankunda told us. Ludwig’s angina is an infection in the floor of the mouth under the tongue, typically involving an abscess. In this case the abscess led to trismus, which is an inability to open the mouth. Dr. Irankunda treated the man with an incision and drainage. He also spent a lot of time sharing the Word of God. 

“[The patient] confessed to us later that he would continue to follow Jesus Christ in secret, as he belongs to a [non-Christian] family. He said that what we are doing really is the Word of God, that truly we are disciples of Jesus Christ. Later I saw him in clinic follow-up smiling and healing,” he shared. 



“My wife and I continue to pray to God to give us wisdom and intelligence to choose the place in Africa where we can go to serve Him and transmit knowledge that we have had during my training, by also taking care of patients with love and the word of God. I appreciate how you are taking care of us and ask God to continue to bless the work of your hands. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your incredible work in my life,” Dr. Irankunda finished. 

Recently Dr. Irankunda was praised by the faculty for his example of love of God and prayer, his compassionate and gentle spirit with patients and fellow residents, and his flexibility and joy even despite difficulties. We are excited for Dr. Irankunda’s future in healthcare missions and look forward to an abundant career ahead of him as he brings his desperately needed surgical skills to regions and communities without access to surgical care. 

National Scholars like Dr. Irankunda make an impact on the lives of people who would otherwise be left without hope. Without the hope of physical health to thrive and without the hope of knowing God cares about their needs. MedSend can be your path to make an impact through healthcare missions. Join our family of donors today and send the gift of healing and hope to those who need it. 




  1. Eleanor Odell on April 16, 2024 at 6:22 pm

    It rejoices my heart to see how Med Send has enabled men like Dr. Sadock Irankunda from Burundi where my brother, Dr. John Brose was a surgeon with WGM and a member of Med Send.
    I pray that the Lord will multiply this small gift in appreciation for the continued blessing that Med Send is having (and was dear to my brother’s heart)in preparing such fine men and women for the task of sharing God’s love through the gift of healing, both physical and spiritual. Sincerely, Eleanor (Brose)Odell

  2. Craig C. Johnson on April 18, 2024 at 1:55 pm

    These committed medical personnel will yield the highest return on investment for all eternity

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