“In this world, I’ve never met a doctor like you.”


“Blessed be the Lord for His daily transformation of my life through MedSend. I’m very, very grateful for all your hard work for my support. It is for me, for nations, for Africa, for generations, for God’s glory be to Him forever and ever.”

This heartfelt message comes from Galmi Hospital in Niger where MedSend National Scholar Dr. Clarisse Girincuti continues her surgical residency program. 

Dr. Girincuti shared a story about a recent patient, a 10-year-old boy, suffering from bladder exstrophy from birth (a condition where the bladder forms inside out and extrudes from the abdomen). The boy had endured many failed surgeries throughout his life by the time he arrived at the hospital where Dr. Girincuti and her team would finally provide the care he needed. 

“He was depressed as he was always leaking urine and smelling since birth,” Dr. Girincuti shares. “I encouraged him and prayed for him. I became his Babba, his friend, as his family lost interest in him. I loved to walk with him and talk. At the end of my rotation, he was always giving me this lovely smile. And it was amazing.” 


Dr. Girincuti with her family in Niger

Compassionate Care Makes a Difference

Dr. Girincuti explains that the young boy’s grandfather was upset with the surgical team because the surgeries took longer than expected to provide relief. He was difficult with the staff and hard to have around while trying to lift the boy’s spirits. Dr. Girincuti said goodbye to her patient on the last day of her rotation, but the grandfather was not present. 

When the boy’s grandfather returned to the hospital, he heard that Dr. Girincuti had gone and began to cry. The hospital staff was shocked to see that this man, who had been difficult and unhappy with the doctors when his grandson arrived, was now heartbroken that he missed the chance to say goodbye to one of the surgeons.  

“The Chief of Department decided to organize a visit to my house for this man. He came and we talked. I told him that Jesus is the only one who can help me to be loving to my patients. He was very encouraged to see this kind fruit [from my faith]. He said, ‘In this world, I’ve never met a doctor like you.’ I was encouraged, and am still praying for his salvation,” Dr. Girincuti tells us. 


Lasting Global Impact

In many regions across the Global South, there is a lack of medically trained nationals with the ability to provide long-term healthcare solutions. Your financial partnership allows MedSend to fund the training of nationals with advanced medical skills and spiritual wisdom, creating a lasting impact in their communities. When you partner with us, you are a catalyst for enduring change. Will you help us expand our National Scholars program in the coming year so that more young doctors like Clarisse Girincuti can make a difference in the lives of their patients and patient’s families? 




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