Specialty: General Practice
Location: Central Africa
Tell us about your ministry assignment

We live in a village of about 2,000 people (99% Muslim). During our 2nd term (which we just ended), we spent time learning a third language while meeting some of the most pressing medical needs - namely dental work (removing teeth, filling cavities). While trying to learn more about this local, village culture, we have tried to be very open and public about our love of Jesus and his love for the people. Over the past year, because of our responsibilities for our children's education (7 children aged 3 - 17) we spend much time in school. However, I spent much of my time discipling a young man (the only known believer  within his people group), as he consistently faced persecution from his family (including multiple kidnappings and attempts to murder him). In general, the local culture is very social, so whenever we have the opportunity we try to share the truths of the Bible and the gospel in each conversation, looking and praying for people who really want to know the Lord. Like many other Muslim areas, there are not many who actually feel their need, but we continue to sow in hope!

How many patients do you see in a week?


Regarding MedSend...

MedSend is an integral part of our team that allows us to serve the people of Central Africa. With your prayers and financial support we can focus on what is important - sharing Christ, learning language and serving the medically needy.