James F.*
Assignment: South Asia
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I serve in a 70-bed Christian hospital focused on providing quality health care to all residents in the area with a specific heart for the poor and needy. Patients are attended by Christian doctors and nurses that along with caring for physical needs also look for opportunities to share the gospel and love of God with the patients. We have daily prayer times with all patients and family members and also interact one-on-one with patients at the bedside. I am currently the nursing superintendent and also oversee nurse education. In my role, I spend most of my work hours educating local nurses. I focus on improving nursing care and helping our staff integrate spiritual care into their daily practice. I am also training local nurses to be leaders in the hospital and to lead with Godly character. I also interact with our patients regularly, most often providing spiritual care through prayer and sharing scripture with the patients. I share the good news of Jesus with all patients and families in the male ward regularly and occasionally this results in individual conversations about truth. My personal goal is to equip local believers to better share the gospel, to strengthen the local church by discipling mature leaders and to plant the seeds of the gospel into the lives of the local majority, praying that God would bring forth fruit and we would see a church born in the local majority.

How many patients do you see in a week?


Regarding MedSend...

Student loan debt acquired to become equipped for a role like this is a weird thing, you know you need the training to get into places like this so you pay for it, knowing that the debt may be the one thing that keeps you off the field for many years. It has been a huge blessing to receive help from Medsend. It put me on the field faster and allows me to focus more on the things that are most important, the souls of men, and not having to worry about the student loans.