James Layton
Assignment: Ethiopia
Tell us about your ministry assignment

I am the only anesthesiologist at CURE Ethiopia. We have 5 operating rooms. My role is to provide leadership, clinical anesthesia, perioperative care, PACU care and postoperative analgesia plans. Our hospital provides charity surgery to children with orthopedic disabilities, cleft lip/palates and burn contractures. We have 5 full time pastors and are working on a 6th. This is the spiritual ministry team that labors for the gospel with the patients and their families on the ward.

How many patients do you see in a week?


Regarding MedSend...

It is a huge blessing. Moving to Africa with my wife and 4 kids was obviously a big decision for our family. We are definitely blessed beyond comparison to be here, but there were financial concerns we faced. Without the MedSend grant, I am not sure we could make budget every month. With the MedSend grant, we have some financial flexibility that allows us not only to live here, but to be more charitable and financially involved in other ministries in the area.